Hospital bag

I just realised I never did a follow up on what to bring to hospital post. I was admitted when I went for a check up so it was just as well I had my bags all packed and in the car. I packed expecting an over night stay not knowing that our hospital has a minimum stay of three mornings.

What I packed and what I used:

  • Maternity pads – I got libra, but they bunched and leaked. Back at home I used U pads and they were heaps better. I also recommend using as many hospital pads as possible because  bled everywhere so needed three, one at the top, one in the middle and one at the back to catch everything.
  • Trackies – a god send!
  • Phone charger! You will use it a lot so I think I charged mine twice a day. A life line to my partner who went home each night and for lunch.
  • Feeding singlet – I wore this for labour but had to throw it out later as it got blood on it because once the catheter went in I couldn’t get my top off over it. It got wet in the shower and got baby goo on it and I couldn’t take it off for a day after. My advice, wear something strapless so you can shimmy it off over your hips rather than over your head. I really should have just cut the straps off but I didn’t want to wreck it.
  • Clothes for dad – as it was an induction he had plenty of time to go home and get changed so this wasn’t needed
  • Lollies – I didn’t actually feel like them after. And I wasn’t aloud to eat during as I might have needed a c-sec
  • Heat pad – they didn’t help me and were more of an annoyance
  • Slippers – I should have brought slippers, I didn’t realise you have to wear shoes in hospital and only had my normal day shoes to wear.
  • nappies x 10 – We used the hospital ones as he was in the nursery
  • Baby outfits x 5 – he wore the hospital gown and only got dressed to go home.
  • Beanie – we brought 3 but he only wore one. I wish I had put the one I knitted on him but I forgot to bring it.
  • wraps – he was wrapped in the hospital sheets so we didn’t use them
  • Nipple cream – as I didn’t breast feed it wasn’t needed
  • I forgot to bring shampoo and conditioner or a brush. Family brought these in for me. I only washed my hair once while in there so travel size was fine.
  • Credit card – What for? Our hospital charges $10 a day for TV access, Trust me, you will want it even just for background noise.
  • a book – Loved my book for those times I got bored of TV
  • Flushable toilet wipes – didn’t need them. I hurt enough down there that it didn’t matter what I used to wipe.
  • Granny panties – as big as possible lol you need to be able to fit three pads in there.

Next time I would bring another pj top as I wore the same one the whole 5 days! I didn’t bring toiletries as I was going to pack them when I went into labour which didn’t happen. I had no use for makeup or a razor as so many girls suggested. I could hardly stand in the shower let alone shave and I had no interest in spending time on my make up. A hair tie was my friend, meant I didn’t have to brush my hair 😛 Oh and bring Panadol. I was discharged a day before we left with bub so I was cut off for pain meds. By the time I realised I needed it I could hardly walk from the pain and my partner couldn’t bring more in until that night. What will I bring next time?

  • 4 pairs granny panties
  • 2 packets U maternity pads
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Brush and hair ties
  • Old large singlet top to labour in, one that I can cut the straps to get it off.
  • two pairs trackies
  • two tops
  • Panadol
  • lip balm – hospital air is dry
  • 2 outfits for bub
  • Beanie
  • 5 nappies – I can send dad for more if needed
  • slippers
  • Phone charger!

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