Whats in my nappy bag

I’m always interested to know what people take with them. In the car, on holidays, in your handbag. So now that I’m a mum we are going to play, what’s in your nappy bag?


So in my bag today I have:

  1. Thermos of warm water to mix bottles
  2. formula dispenser, can make 3 bottles
  3. bottle (normally empty but I haven’t unpacked from todays outing)
  4. Face washer for feeds (instead of bib)
  5. Warm onesie in case his outfit gets dirty
  6. Blanket
  7. Muslin wrap to cover the pram if he is restless
  8. Change mat with nappies and wipes inside
  9. Spare nappy
  10. Nappy bags (attached to bag) also good for storing wet clothes
  11. I also normally have a dummy but it fell on the floor at the doctors and so its being sterilised.

These items have grown with experience. The muslin wrap I recently added because I found that if its noisy or busy Rue gets over stimulated and covering him helps block it all out. The nappy bags I added after changing him a few times in the car and not being near a bin, its not nice carrying around wet nappies in your hand…The thermos and formula dispenser were great ideas I picked up, this way I don’t need to carry full bottles which get cold and it takes up more room having three bottles in there. I also keep the thermos next to my bed with bottles with formula powder in them for night feeds. It means that bub doesn’t get as restless while I’m waiting for the water to boil, I can just mix them on the spot.

There will be a test soon though as my family wants me to go to our farm for fathers day. Its only about an hour away but im conscious that if we are there longer than planned I will need a back up plan. I’m thinking of taking the whole tin of formula with me in the car and several extra nappies. He can sleep in the pram if he gets restless.

I also had my 6week check up today. Bad news. Turns out that I have an infection which is why I still had discharge (should have stopped around 4weeks). So im on antibiotics for the next 10 days. I also went back on the pill so that when my infection is clear we can attempt practicing for baby no.2 lol I have no plans for another one until at least next year. My mum and I, and coincidentally a friend, all decided that February is a good time as then you are pregnant over winter which is good as your body heat is up when your pregnant, then have the baby in late spring before it gets too hot because getting up in the cold to feed isn’t fun. Rueben will be 1.6 yrs old when the new baby is born if we get it timed right so will hopefully be able to sleep through the night and feed himself.


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