We have two big tests coming up. Firstly tomorrow I have my blood tests to find out if my gestational diabetes has gone and to make sure my haemoglobin levels are back up after my bleed during labour. But Rueben also has his 6week immunisations! I have read from other mums that baby Panadol is best to have on hand to settle them as they often get a temp after the needles. But also that he will sleep a lot too. My plan is to feed him right after to help settle him, the drive home will be the hardest as I wont be able to settle him while im driving. Its about a 15min trip but it seems like forever with a hysterical baby in the back. Its heart breaking for them to scream themselves horse and you can’t cuddle them.

The second test is this weekend we will be doing the rounds of the grandparents for fathers day. Both live an hour away, and an hour apart. So Saturday its BD’s parents house and an over night stay then off to my dads place Sunday. The logistics are going to be a bit hard to pin down and I hope it goes ok. My biggest concern is that his bassinet, which he has been sleeping in, is too big to bring so he will have to sleep in his pram. I would love any helpful advice people have on overnight trips with a baby! Here is my list of what I am going to pack:

  • 20nappies (best not to run out)
  • wipes
  • change mat
  • beanie
  • 2 outfits (he is yet to soil an outfit so should only need one change)
  • blanket
  • wrap
  • socks
  • Full tin of formula
  • Thermos of warm water (can be topped up*)
  • formula dispenser
  • 2 bottles
  • 2 bibs
  • Dummy

Anything else? I know I’m forgetting something…

*The water at BD’s parents house isn’t drinkable so they take water from Canberra, where they work, home with them. So it will need to be boiled before I can give it to Rueben. Unless I want to wait 20mins for each feed a thermos will come in very handy as a quick source of water as it holds 3 feeds worth of water. Both parents live rural and it can be really cold in both places so the beanie and socks are a must. On the plus side he will get to meet my pop and assorted aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides. Its going to be a big weekend!



4 thoughts on “Test

  1. I sleep with my babies so I never have to worry about bringing a bed for them when we travel. Are you going to need the pram? Maybe you could bring the bassinet instead. I carry my baby around in a baby carrier or sling. She hasn’t even been in a stroller/pram yet. I love reading your blog. Rueben is so cute and I’m really happy for you.

    • My partner and I take up too much room to co sleep. We don’t have a carrier yet or that would be a great solution! Maybe next time.

  2. He is ADORABLE!!!! Our first over night trip went far better than I would have imagined. Your list sounds great on what to bring, just set up your little baby station when you get to your destination and you’ll feel right at home 🙂 You can never bring enough nappies (diapers right?) & wipes!!

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