Hind sight

I was thinking back to my time in the hospital today. Initially i was completely happy with everything. But now that i think about it they did drop the ball in a few areas which ultimately affected me. Firstly when Rue was taken to the nursery i wasnt updated on his condition for nearly a full day. I asked the nurses each time they came to check my blood pressure for an update and each said they would check for me. None came through. It wasnt until BD came in that evening and we asked another nurse that any thing happened. The nurse asked how bub was and we told her we hadnt heard since he was born. She was surprised and asked if we had gone to see him, i pointed out that i couldnt get out of bed and we didnt even know where the nursery was. She took BD up to see him and BD came back with a nurse from the nursery who apologised as she hadnt realised we hadnt been updated…Considering i saw a woman wheeled in there in  bed with oxygen a few hours after her c-section i cant understand how they couldnt walk the 20meters to my room to update me.

The second thing that happened was in regards to breastfeeding. I dont think any effort was made to assist me. They told me to express 4 times a day then left…no mention of how to get the colostrum to bub. I mentioned it to them that evening and they brought some syringes to express into and again left. So i expressed into one but had no idea how to get it to Rue. I tried to give it to a night nurse and she said she would bring me some labels as they had to be labelled before they could be given to him. The next day i had to ask about the labels before i got them so Rue had already gone a full day without breast milk. Then when i finally got some up to him i was told that i may not have any milk for a few days due to bleeding. Rue was finally brought into the room by BD that morning because i sent him up to check because again i hadnt heard anything about his condition since that night. I attempted to get him to feed but he wouldnt. The nurses didnt offer any help and when i told them he was having trouble latching they just nodded, not offering to get a lactation consultant for me or anything. Plus we could only have him in the room for an hour so i didnt have long to get the hang of it. So i continued to express but the nurse would only come to take it once a day so most of it went to waste. It wasnt until the last day that i was offered a breast pump and they just assumed i wouldnt breast feed. I saw premmie babies in there breast feeding, why didnt they offer me assistance with it? Added to this they took the liberty of giving him bottles and a dummy without checking with me, both of which i have heard can inhibit bubs ability to latch. When i finally did use the pump they were really surprised at how much i got out, so really i could have fed him easily but they never bothered to check.

Looking back i really feel like i was cheated out of the opportunity to breastfeed and bond in those early days. I heard from friends whose babies were in the nursery and they were given ALOT more support, even offered medication to increase their supply so they could express and not have to use formula. The most i was told was that i could go to a mothers group on a Friday where there would be a lactation consultant…this is two weeks after he was born! So yes, looking back i guess i blame the hospital for my not being able to breastfeed. Considering how much they emphasise how its better for the baby they never even gave it a chance for me. Next time i will be on the case straight away and ask for a consultant to come and see me every hour until the baby can breastfeed!

Anyone had a moment of hind sight where they realised something wasn’t right after all?


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