Clothing review

Being a new mum i was given alot of hand me downs from friends. I originally went for clothes that i was familiar with, press studs, onesies, terry towel. But now that we have tried a few options i am going to give you my opinion on whats best and what works for us.

First up. Singlets. We never used them because they dont fit over his head and we always keep the house really warm so it wasnt an issue. 

In terms of warmpth fuzzy onesies are a god send as they keep their feet warm without having to constantly put their socks back on every 5mins as they wiggle out of them. 

Hoods are cute but not very practical as they often move around and end out swamping bubs face. 


Zips are your friend. I was a press stud girl until we were given a onesie with a zip, so much faster!

There are onesies which have the opening down one leg and nothing on the other so you have to squidge their little leg out to change them. I doubt its very comfortable to the little ones. 


I terms of cute photo outfits i like long sleeve onesies with out legs then leggings over it. My fave at the moment is a cream top  with a whale and stripped leggings, i love sailor theme!







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