Free our kids

I saw a review on this blog site yesterday and i have been reading up on it. Essentially a woman in the UK decided not to buy anything for her 2yr old for a whole year. She set up swap pages for mothers to trade clothes toys and shoes and even tried to home make all of their food rather than buying pre packaged things. Im a big believer in this. So much of the baby market is over priced and frankly kids dont need that much stuff. They dont need hundreds of toys, they are happy with what they have. And other mothers around you will like wise have toys their little ones grow out of and are happy to swap for variation. As for food i have always been suprised at how much pre packaged food we feed our kids. Those are the habbits they form for life, we need to teach them that food doesnt come from a packet. Frankly, lets face it, baby pures are not that hard to make.

Free Our Kids

“Grown-ups, give yourself a slap and ask yourself: when did we become so dependent on all this spending and all this crap to raise our kids? And isn’t lots of it, really, getting in the way of the real job: just… you know… interacting with them ourselves?What does it all teach them, after all? Do we want them to learn that maxing out credit cards and keeping up with trends is the meaning of life?”

I would say that 90% of the clothing Rueben has are hand me downs. The cot was second hand, the chair one we had in the house already. Even half of his toys are either my old ones or ones my mum picked up second hand. The only things we got new were the car seat, the cot mattress, bassinet, and pram. I would say thats not a bad effort. 

But i will admit that i am often lured into the cuteness of the displays at the shops. Hey, im only human and i only get a few chances in life to buy my children baby items. The latest purchase was a pram protector. I figured it would make the pram last longer so im saving money? Right? But in my defence its hand made from Etsy, in Australia. 



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