Farming for fathers day

Both my family and BD’s have ‘farms’. BD’s parents have a hobby farm with some cows and goats and my father and grandfather have large sheep farms. So for fathers day we decided to go out and see our extended family and visit the cousins and aunts and uncles. Rueben is the first of the generation on my side so there were some very excited cousins and my uncles and aunts were super excited to meet him.

photo 1 (1)

The last baby on that side was my cousin who is now 12yrs old. There was alot of nervousness about holding him, i never really understood that. You dont drop things normally why would you drop a baby?? Anyway we got lots of cuddles and Rueben got to meet his Great grandfather. Not many people can claim that. He actually has a great grandmother (my side) and another great grandfather (BDs side and Ruebens name sake) but both are bed bound and i havent been able to get out to see them.



Rue did really well on his first night away from home. He missed his afternoon nap but thankfully did sleep that night. When we got back home however he has been waking more often at night so hopefully he settles soon. I really love the farm and am super glad that Rue was able to come out and see it. Its uncertain what will happen to it once pop isnt with us but he is healthy and i hope he is here for many years to come. 



So happy fathers day to BD, dad and pop. Rue is well loved 🙂



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