Aqua tots

Im struggling. I think on one hand that as soon as i can teach Rue to float the safer he will be. On the other hand he cant even hold his head up yet so thats way too soon to start swimming…

So i did what i always do and googled it. Apparently there is a program called Aqua Tots in Canberra for 6weeks – 6month old babies.What they teach is comfort in the water and motor skills. So its not actually swimming. 6-12months they start doing safety in the water. Frankly i think i can just as well teach him to be comfortable in the bath tub. Its deep enough for him to kick and submerge and float around. And it serves a double purpose in that he is clean after!

The key to baby swim classes seems to be that the water is heated to over 32degrees and that there is a change table. Personally i have always loved swimming. I was in swim squad when i was about 7 until the pool closed. As an adult I have gone off and on doing laps but i get really frustrated at how over crowded the pool is. So the times i can go and not have to share the lane with 10 other people, yes 10, is the middle of the day when people are at work. Doesnt work when im at work too…My other set back is currently that i dont have any swimmers. I have always had trouble finding swimmers not only in my size but that cover both my boobs and ah bottom not to mention that arent floral and have enough scaffolding in the boobs to hold up a house. I found a pair a few years ago which advertised as for long torsos, they fit well but the boob area was still too big and i had to cut the straps and make them shorter to tighten the top so my boobs didnt fall out. For now i have forgone the one piece and have purchased some mens swim shorts (they dont make them in my size for women) and some high wasted bikini bottoms. I have a top i got before i was pregnant so im hoping it fits. It was a little snug when i bought it so it may be too small. If it is ill have to jump back on ASOS and get a top too. They thankfully go up to a size 22 for most swimmers but the boobage is always a risk when buying on line. As for Rue i got him a cute one piece at Target the other day so he is all set. I dont like the idea of babies showing too much skin, or even kids, so he will always wear a rashie (swim top) and shorts when he gets older.

As im writing this i searched for images of plus size swimmers and was pleasantly suprised at what i found. Besides the ones that i wouldnt agree a plus size gal should wear, shows a bit too much skin for my liking. There are some super cute ones!

From Always for me: Again concern that i wouldnt fill out the boobage.


I love the sailor one and if anyone knows where to get it please let me know!


I might actually get this one from Simplybe. i love a halter neck and it comes in two lengths! With hidden tummy support.



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