Rookie mistake

I had a big shop at Spotlight on friday, i was rather annoyed because none of the sale items were adding up right on the docket. So i went to the front register and apparently it was a members only sale…i pointed out that it didnt say members only anywhere in the store or on the sale signs. In the end i signed up to get 40% off a $100 quilting set. I didnt want another card in my wallet but i saved $50 so i wasnt going to say no.

Anyway. One of the things i got was a basting spray. which is basically a spray adhesive for joining all the quilt layers while you work it. I started spraying it and thought it smelt rather strong. BD agreed and opened a window then re read the can, do not inhale, use only in well ventilated area. Rue was right next to me! BD moved him to the dining room and we opened all the windows. I sprayed it twice more and BD decided it was too risky and moved Rue to the bedroom. I dont think it was too bad as i felt fine and i was breathing it in, but i will have to work out another way to use it as the lounge room is the only space big enough to spread the quilt out….I feel guilty for doing it next to rue but im sure it cant be too bad for only a minute or two. I think the warning was more dont spray it in your face or constantly. I only sprayed it a few times and its an open plan area so not too enclosed. I still feel bad though for not thinking to move Rue away 😦 Lesson learnt.


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