Motherhood week 10

I realised i haven’t done an update on me and Rue since he was born so here we go:

My weight: Back to normal weight as of week 2 (108kg) but excess skin still there so wearing one size up.

Bubs size: weight 5kg, length 56cm, head 40cm. He is slipping down the growth chart which is a little concerning but seems happy so the nurse isnt too worried. Wearing 000.

Baby development: Smiling, laughing, holds head steady when held, hates tummy time, sucking fists having about 100ml milk 6 times a day.

Work status: Back to half maternity pay after 4 weeks of full pay. Mat leave ends April 2015, not looking forward to it 😦

Current goals:

  1. Get Rue to drink 150ml each feed.
  2. Get Rue into his crib as he is out growing his bassinet.
  3. Tighten abs.
  4. Lose 10kg to get under 100kg.
  5. Eat healthier
  6. Spend less money on food.
  7. Encourage Rue to hold his head up during tummy time.
  8. Pay off credit card (maybe this month)

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