Scarf bib

A friend told me that if i could make a scarf bib then i could sell them for $5 a pop and make heaps of money. I wasnt really interested but on a boring afternoon i decided to knock one up just for fun. I used one that i already had to make the pattern, basically half a triangle with a long top for the neck fastening, you fold the fabric in half and place the patten on the fold so you get a full bib from half a pattern. I made the top piece of fabric a bit bigger so that it has the rumpled scarf look. The whole process took about 20mins. The pinning of the top took the longest as you have to pin to make sure the edges line up as they are different sizes.

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (4)

I love the result! I did alter the pattern slightly after this one to make the neck a little wider and the point shorter as it kind of swamped him. I dont think i can be bothered selling them but they are a fun thing to knock together with fabric scraps. The back i used some flannel as its more absorbent than the cotton on the top. For the fastening i already had some stick on velcro spots which i just ran over with the sewing machine to make sure they stay on. I think it would work well with old shirts and sheets, maybe some old flannel PJ’s for the back?

PS: I really love this fabric, you may recognise it as the main fabric in the quilt im making him (which is being quilted as i type)

This one was the altered pattern. Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie 🙂

photo (3)


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