So, this happened

I had a moment at the mall. When i got something out of the basket under the seat i pushed the seat up a little too far and it locked upright. I have never had it upright before and had no idea how to recline it again. It has to be reclined in order to collapse the pram. I tried for a good 10minutes with Rue crying in the backseat, i tried lifting it, pressing it down and sideways, i got down on my knees to look for a latch, i kicked it and said a few choice words, before i gave up, dropped the back seat next to the car seat and shoved it in whole. I then realised i couldnt close the boot…i looked at it for a few minutes more before trying it wheels first and with a shove i got the whole thing in! (you can just see the car seat on the left) You might be wondering why in this age of smart phones i didnt call for back up or just google how to recline the seat. My phone was dead, poor management on my part. The good news is not only do i now know that my car can fit the pram in whole, but upon getting home BD told me how to collapse the seat, apparently the latch is under the cover. I have no idea what i would have done if it hadnt fit. A smart idea would have been to turn the car on and charge my phone so i could have googled it but i didnt think of that at the time…

photo 1 (6)

A few days before this disastrous event i got to check out the Lifeline book fair. Its only on twice a year and i wish i had got to go again but i couldnt make it over the weekend. I had $30 to spend and got this whole lot for $28. I picked up some Wheres Wallys (on the banned books list apparently because some of the little people are less than dressed), some goosebumps (for when he is older), some board books, some early readers and a baby cookbook. This whole lot would have cost me over $100 at the shops so i would say its a great deal 🙂

photo 2 (4)


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