Up grading

For my 18th birthday my mother got me a Brother LS-2120. Its your basic machine and has served me well for the past 11years (showing my age there). But i think its time to upgrade. Its a bit too small to work quilts on and it keep un threading itself. I could go and get it serviced but really i think it would be best to just get a new one. So, i have been looking and wow, these things done come cheap. The first one i liked retails for $2,999…thats the price of a small car! So im looking closer to my budget. I would like either a Brother or a Janome which is what mum uses (hers is one of the old beige metal ones. Has lasted her well over 20yrs and she made us clothes on it as babies).

Retro Mummy recommends the Brother QC-1000. Its out of my price range but seems to encompass what im looking for.


I think my price range covers more of the Brother NS25. It features a built in needle threader and top loading bobbin. It retails for $499. However, i cant find any reviews on it as it seems it was surpassed by the Brother NS30. The reviews are mixed and several people have said it has jammed or burnt out in just a year or two. I would rather spend a bit more and get something that will last me another 10years. Then i came upon the Brother NV600. It is an older one so is retailing for about $999. It has the auto threader and also has an auto thread cutter which means i dont have to have my scissors on hand all the time.


I would rather get one on sale or second hand so i guess that will dictate which one i get. I am still quilting my little quilt and have attached the free motion attachment to it but unfortunatley i cant lower the feed dogs and i have lost the cover plate the machine came with…i can still do it but it may not look as good as it would if the feed dogs were down.


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