MCN and sewing

I have made the leap into using MCN’s or Modern Cloth Nappies. I use the Bambooty easy one size. I have about 5 of these and 3 of another brand. Besides being cute designs i honestly dont think it takes any longer to use these then to use disposables. You put a liner on and clip it on baby. Then every two days you throw them in the wash then hang them out. Easy. I think the idea that they take longer to use came from the old terry towel ones which you had to fold, pin, soak, scrub and then wash. Yes they are quite expensive but the over all cost is alot less than disposables. Each easy one size costs $37 but i wait for the sales and got mine for $20 each. A box of disposables is $28 (Woolworth Select) and i go through a box every two weeks. In the life of nappy wearing apparently you can save over $5000 by using cloth. I still use disp for outings and over night as they are more absorbent and smaller to put in the nappy bag. I am aiming to get alot more but will wait until they are on sale 🙂


With my new sewing machine in the mail i was thinking about movies i could watch for inspiration. And you know what…there are very few movies actually about sewing, or really any craft. The only one i can think of is How to make an American Quilt. Any other movie that has sewing in it its as a minor part and usualy only one scene. With so many movies about cooking i was surprised about the lack of craft ones. Can anyone point me in the direction of one?


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