New age parents

A question was asked in our mothers group that i laughed at but it seems im in the minority. A woman asked when it was appropriate for her 11yr old to start shaving…well when she gets hairy would be my answer. But apparently many mums thought this was something to be seriously considered and many said that they would sit her down and talk about body image and that they didnt think it was safe for her to have a razor and should wax…seriously?!?

When did we become so controlling? When i was a kid when i got hairy legs and pits i grabbed a razor and shaved it off. there was no discussion, fankly i think mum would have thought i was odd if i wanted to talk about it. Its hair. Its not like you are giving them a barbers flip blade. And waxing hurts! When i asked a friend about this she agreed with the other mums and said that maybe it was because i have a boy not a girl that im less sensitive to it. I really think that has nothing to do with it. Frankly i think we make too many decisions and actions for our kids and should just let go and let them work things out for them selves. If my little man wants to shave his chin, go for it! Im happy if he wants his dad to show him how to do it so you dont get shaving rash but otherwise, its hair, its not a big deal. Now if you tell me you want to go get drunk or get a tattoo under the age of 18 then we will have issues little man lol


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