Home hunting

We were home hunting this week. Well sort of. We were hunting on Allhomes as we dont actually have any money. The idea was to see what was out there and what it will cost. We both think that Canberra houseing prices are was over inflated ($400,000 for a two bedroom shoebox) and i have always dreamt of living in the country. BD is open to this as it means he has plenty of space for his projects (of the car kind) and can hoon around on a quad bike. For me the appeal is open fire places, no neighbours, chickens, the view, vegie garden. Just room to breathe basically.

So our criteria is: Under $300,000, big shed, large block, fireplace, 3 bedrooms, good bones. We dont mind renovating and i would actually love to renovate so the house just has to be stable and practical. The one i loved and was backed up by my mum is this one:


Isnt it charming. Its $230,000 so well within our budget. It has 3 beds and 2000ac of land so almost two big blocks. There are fire places in the lounge room and two of the bedrooms (we wouldnt use the bedroom ones but they look charming).


73a60e61b3a3f8fcb34de7cec4664c3a_l 199c141c1c5a1b8fd5afd8dfbd093c8c_l

Carpet clearly needs to be ripped out lol the rest of the place is floorboards which would need to be refinished. Kitchen is functional if a little small and outdated so it would need to eventually be replaced and the bathroom, well i have no idea whats going on there.



This house has inspired a pinterest board of my renovation dreams 🙂





Paint scheme






So, time to get saving i think! Do you do this? Pick a run down house and use pinterest to renovate it?


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