New feature!

You may notice a new section on the right of my page. This is a gift for you all. If you are tired of roaming the internet looking for deals and sales i have made it easier for you. I will update this section when ever i find a sale or great deal i think you should all know about. Some of the links will stay up as they are links to companies sale pages. The rest I will try and update as soon as i find a deal. Sound good? I do ask that if you find a great deal that you let me know and send me a link so that i can share the love 🙂

The current links are to some of my favourite sites. Mumgo which always has great deals. Bambooty which is my preferred MCN and currently has a sale on their basics range. Then we have Bonnibuns which is another MCN company who often have great deals on limited edition patterns. My baby warehouse currently have a huge sale and i recommend you check it out.

I will mention that none of these sites pay me to advertise, i just think that raising a child is expensive enough, we need to help each other out 🙂


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