Christmas quilt

Im in the planning stage of christmas gifts. One person is getting a quilt. My original idea was print squares broken up by white strips.


However i found a better idea. The issue is that the fabrics i bought for the one above wont work for the new idea. This one is dark.

photo 2 (4)

Where as the new idea is pale and neutral with free motion embroidery as the key feature.

photo 1 (5)

I drew up a plan then quickly realised that unless i wanted to buy all new fabric i would have to work with the fabric in my stash, none of which matched the dimensions of my plan.

photo 3 (2)

So, new plan. Measure what i have and draw as i go. I will still have to buy more fabric but hopefully not as much. Its really putting my math skills to the test trying to draw to scale and converting everything from inches to centimetres and back again. My drawing is 10in = 1cm (my quilt batting is 84x100in) but im measuring in cm so i have to divide it by 2.54 to get inches then divide by 10 to get cm to draw the scale pic. I have ignored seam allowance and will just accept that the quilt will be smaller as i intend for it to be a snuggle on the lounge blanket rather than a bed cover. My brain hurts!


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