Its beginning to feel alot like christmas

My first christmas project! My mum has always made our christmas stockings. The basic shape with red felt on the front and ribbon around the top with our names in permanent marker. The backs were always mesh so that we could see what was in the stocking before we emptied it. I was going to do something similar for Rue until i went onto Pinterest.

photo 2 (6)

How cute is it! Its double the size of my stocking but i dont think i will lack items to fill it.

Christmas Stocking:

Buy about 2.5meters of red felt. Mine is quite dark red although it looks lighter in the pictures. Decide how big you want your stocking. I had some leftover so just buy less if you want yours smaller. Fold it in half so that the fold is at the top. This is how big the final stocking will be. Now fold it in half again so this fold is on the left. Eessentially folding it in quarters. Now draw on the shape. I went free hand. Make the toe on the edge on the right and the heel on the edge on the left. Use the top of the fabric as the top of the stocking. The waist of the stocking will be a few cm narrower than the toe.

photo 4 (3)

Cut the shape out making sure they are still joined on the left atleast half way down (from the top) on the left hand fold this forms the top of the pants. Unfold once and cut along the top fold so that you separate the two halves.

photo 3 (5)

Use some of the off cut to make the bum flap. You can make it any size but if your child has a long name you will need to make it bigger (or write their name smaller).

photo 2 (7)

Cut your toe pieces out of some white felt. I also used white felt for the border on the bum flap but you can also use ribbon. Attach the edging to the bum flap, i used a decorative stitch.

photo 3 (4)

Now comes the tricky part. Use a fabric marker to write the name then use a zig zag to write it. Put your feed dogs down and peddle to the metal but move the fabric slowly, adjust the stitch sizes. I went for a wide stitch, 7, and close together 0.3. Make sure to keep the fabric taught or it will pucker.

photo 1 (8)

Attach flap to front piece. I hid the bottom row (right sides together) then flipped it up and did a simple running stitch around the sides and top so that it looks like an actual bum flap. Place your toe pieces on and place the back piece over the top so that right sides are together. Pin and sew a zig zag right around the stocking leaving the top open.

photo 5 (3)

Turn right side out. Attach loops of ribbon or elastic to form the braces. I used a decorative stitch again.

photo 1 (7)

Use a little glue to attach the top of the toes. Done! Dont know what to stuff them with? Here are a few ideas:

Books, magazines, toy car, lip gloss, hair bows, hat, socks, lollies, balloon, plastic dinosaur, toy soldiers, bouncy ball, dvd, tshirt, underware, pool toys, pens, textas, crayons, cheap jewelery.

Dont forget this is meant to be fun little knick nacks not a present so i would recommend not spending more than $50 on stuffers. Get a few big things then scatter smaller things around them, try wrapping things for an added layer of fun. It doesn’t need to be full. We were aloud to open ours as soon as we got up. Presents had to wait until after everyone was up, dressed and had breakfast.


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