Im not a prepper. I guess im more of a boy scout, be prepared. There have been times in my life where im left out on a limb and wonder why on earth i wasnt more prepared. The power goes out and we all flounder, cant boil water, cant cook, cant charge our phones. I think we rely on technology and modern conveniences too much. We can duck down the shop when ever we like, run 20 things in the house at once. Well i love it lol I do. Modern conveniences are excellent but i also think that you need a back up plan. So yesterday i went online and got me some oil lamps. I have always loved the ones my grandparents have up on a shelf at the farm. Not used but still charming. They also had a wood burning stove which heated the water too (we installed a hot water system and electric oven when my nan passed as its not practical to keep it burning all day).

Anyway, the oil lamps are darn hard to find. I have checked a few op shops with no luck and the ones i have seen online are a bit flowery and glass and old ladyish. I wanted trendy metal ones. Then i found these!


How super cute are they. They only stand 8′ tall and i thought they could be great at bbqs on the tables. So cute. They were cheap too at $10 a piece. Only problem, they are in America. Postage was $50! so i got 4 with some oil and spare wicks to make the postage worth it. Cant wait until they arrive and i hope they are ok because the only review on them said that the bottom stuck to the bubble wrap as the color came off the glass…I was willing to take the risk for them as i have never seen any as cute as these. ( i secretly also thought they would work on the tables of a wedding *cough cough*)

I got them from here if you want to grab a set for yourself 🙂 And i got the aladdin oil as it seems to be the one with no odour even after a while of burning. Might see about using citronella oil too for bbqs.


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