The quilt

Now that christmas is over i can share the bastard quilt. So named because it was way too big for me to manage. It turned out better than i thought but not as good as i wanted. My sister loved it though.

photo 2 (10)

You cant see it very well in this pic but the point of this quilt was the free motion image in the center. It turned out great but is kind of hard to see so next time i will make it darker and more bold.

photo 3 (7)

This was the image i was aiming for. As you can see its quite a bit different and i think it would have worked better as a single size quilt so i could focus more on the design and less on finding enough fabric to fit it.




It was the year of Rue. He got more presents than i can count. Which was quite funny as my step mum said that she didnt spoil him this year but would next year, i hate to think how many presents he will get!

Highlights were his Olaf doll which he adores. A thomas the tank engine couch, a dinosaur and a bunnykins bowl.

jjjjj photo 2 (8)jjj photo 3 (5) photo 4 (6)

Next Christmas

Yes thats right, there will be another Christmas next year. Alot of people forget this when it comes to the post christmas sales. Alot of decorations are 50-80% off. I know that for me i need to stock up on christmas kit. This year was sparse. We have a small tree with no lights and thats it. But not only this its also a good opportunity for birthday and christmas present shopping for next year. Think ahead people. What will you need? Here is my list so far:


  • Christmas lights, both indoor and out.
  • White christmas tree
  • Wrapping paper
  • Clothes for Rue, sizes 1 and 2.
  • Birthday present for Rue (for July im thinking one of those tee pees)
  • A few gifts for Nieces. (aged 3 and 5)
  • Possibly some baby items to donate if they are a good price. (Blankets and wraps are always in demand)
  • Bed sheets for our bed (BD being a truck driver gets filthy and tar doesnt wash out too well)
  • Bonds singlets for BD (Part of any truckie’s uniform)
  • Socks for BD (He has 20pairs of the same sock to prevent mismatches but they are getting worn out)
  • Shoes for me (i have one pair…yes, seriously)
  • Laundry basket (the dog has peed on it a few times so i will have to get rid of it to prevent further urination)

Im hoping to not spend too much on this lot. I won’t buy anything that isnt at least 50% off or a bargain price. Hoping to get the tree for about $20-$30 (rrp $120). Lights maybe under $10 and wrapping paper under $2 a roll. Birthday presents under $10 a piece. Sheets are usually a really good sale item i usually get a doona cover for about $50 (rrp Over $100).  But my fave sale item i might have to give a miss this year. I have a love for egyptian cotton bath sheets. The really big fluffy ones. Each year i will generally get two of one color but having moved a few times i seem to have ‘lost’ alot of them so i now have only one of each color and only 3 towels all up and they are losing their plumpness. They normally retail for about $50 a piece but at sales are under $20. But this year other things are going to take priority over towels. We have enough and i am now on my Centerlink maternity leave so money is tighter.

Another item i will look at are party supplies. Not sure if they go on sale or not but as im now a mum i have alot of birthday parties in my future to cater for. Plates, cups, goodie bags and drink dispensers. How cute is this jungle theme:



I am never making a queen size quilt again! Ugh. I have been quilting this thing for weeks and still have a full half to go. My wrists are hurting from moving it around and i think i might use up another spool of thread before im done. Plus i woke up this morning to find the dog had peed on it!!! Thankfully it was on the edge that had some overhang so i cut it off and ill have to wash it before i gift it. Needess to say the dogs spent the rest of the morning outside.

Watching little man and he just nearly flipped back the other way (front to back) go little man!

Im also doing well on a quilt for myself. I found it in a quilting mag and had to give it a go. This is my quilting area, not a bad view on a stormy afternoon.

photo (3)


I have a tree up! I wanted a real tree for the first time ever but BD said no way. He claims they are full of bugs and make a mess. Both points i dont care about but i have to repect his wish as he has to live with it too. So plan B. BD had a fake tree in the garage.

photo 2 (3)

I went for simple. After christmas im going to make the most of the sales and get a big white christmas tree for next year. I am also going to pick up some small potted trees to scatter around the house for next year. I love that idea. That way its not thrown out in January and its festive in more than one room. I had to dog proof this tree so i supported it with these little stools which also served as a resting place for this wicker basket which i can stack the presents in so they wont get chewed on. You might also notice a small hand print ornament. This was made with air dry clay which i picked up for $8 at Bunnings then finished with some gloss finishing spray also from bunnings. Next step will to be to get some twinkle lights up. Love me some twinkle lights. The rest of the ornaments are newish. When i moved to my own place a few years back i realised i had no ornaments so i have bought a few a year. I have a sheep on a wagon from New Zealand, a painting santa and a nutcracker. My ultimate would be a santa in a hot air balloon as it was my fave on mums tree when i was little. Havent had luck finding him yet.

photo 1 (2)


As im trying to save for a house deposit at the moment i have been evaluating what i spend my money on. Right now, my biggest expenses are food and electricity (well BD pays electricity but i consider it a big household cost). So i have only been using the dryer if its nessesary ie if there is washing and its raining and i need to do more washing. But the other one is food. I generally do a big shop on payday of about $200-$300. $100 of that is formula and nappies so its not a cost i can cut back on. But after this shop i find that i still have to go to the shop a few times before next payday to get dinners which is another $200 odd. So this week im trialing a new method. Yesterday i did a semi shop, formula, basics that we were out of and two roasts for dinner. Why roasts? Well BD has added chicken to his list of foods he is sick of. This now makes it mince, chicken, sausages, rice, pasta. Steak, pork and roasts are really all i have left. As Rue is now eating i need to pick up fresh fruit and veg on a regular basis so i thought rather than one big shop i would try just getting 2-3 days worth of meat and dinners at a time. We will see how it goes. Im hoping it not only saves money but encourages me to eat more fresh food.
I actually picked up a few baby food pouches because rue doesnt seem to be liking what i make him. He loves apple and banana but he needs veg too. He loves the sweet vegie one to the point that he was actually opening his mouth for more were as usually i have to trick him into opening up. So im trying a few of the combos they do myself at home. Tonight for dinner he has apple, banana and pear puree. Lets see how it goes 🙂


Rue is 20weeks!

My little man is 20 weeks this week. That’s 4 months!

photo 1 (10)

Weight: 5.8kg

Length: 62cm

Head: 42cm

Size: 00

Skills: Rolling back to front, grasping toys, pulling things into his mouth, sitting with support, babbling (we think he might have said No, dad dad and mum).

He has just started solids. He likes apple puree and mashed banana. He doesnt like Farax (baby cereal) peas, broccoli and cauliflower and he isnt sure on carrot.

We think he might be ticklish under his arms, under his chin and on the bottoms of his feet.

He likes standing, watching TV, sitting on dad, his teddy, looking at his reflection. He doesnt like the sewing machine, mum leaving the room, and i have found he hasn’t liked his dummy the last few days.

He sleeps in his sleeping bag, in his bassinet at night next to mum and in his crib in his own room during the day. He still has 3 naps during the day and sleeps 9pm-8:30am with one or two feeds at 2am and 5am.

Craving the beach

The plan was to go up to Queensland to visit my mum in January (hi mum). But frankly im not sure how we can swing it. The easiest method would be flying but this involves a $900 price tag and we would have to lug the pram and car seat on with us. Its a 1.5hr flight then a 1.5hr drive to mums. The second option would be to drive up but that would be a 15hr drive not including rest breaks! I really dont think Rue will go for this at his age. He is great in the car but we have only ever driven one hour when he just sleeps. We are doing a trip to sydney in a few weeks which will be a 4hr drive so i guess it could be a test. The plan for that is to go in his nap time then when he wakes up ill jump in the back with him to amuse him.

Then another option came to me. Train! I love trains, they are so quaint. I have never actually been on a train besides scenic ones on holidays. But i imagine they would still be quaint. It would save us driving and we can get up and walk around with Rue. Only when i looked it up its not only the same price as flying but we would have to change trains half way and it still takes 14hrs! Why on earth would i do that when i could fly for the same price???

So now i need to find $900. I dont even have $100 lol it would be great though, she has a heated pool and the beach is just down the road…and she would cook for me lol The only other option i have is to try and get enough Qantas points to cover part of the airfair. I would need 8000 to cover one leg for one person. So 32,000 for the whole trip for both of us. Sounds out of reach doesnt it? Well mum and her husband have just done exactly this for their trip to Canberra in January. The trick is to look out for special offers, Qantas often sends out things like, get home delivery and get 2000 points (with the Everyday rewards card from Woolies). Or get 150points in a month and we will give you a bonus 500. Right now i have 600 points mostly from grocery shopping. Not quite 32,000 lol So now im on the look out for those special offers.

Amish Puzzle ball

I was almost angry at BD this week. He sold one of his cars and told me he bought a PS4 and a heap of games with the money then he was going to get a huge speaker system and install them in our bedroom…i was 90% sure he was joking but he just never cracks so its sooo hard to tell. He kept insisting that he was getting the speakers and that i had to be home to accept his PS4 delivery. Still pritty sure he was joking. He kept the ruse going a whole week until he said to come outside and help him carry the speakers in. And he turned up in a new car! Turns out he had sold one car and traded the other and gotten himself a safer car for us to travel in. He is such a sweet heart! I dont know about cars but its a pritty shade of blue and us a vrs? Lots of power so a great hoon car for him but also safer than his last two cars which were old and not great for long distances. Such a good man i have 😛 Even if he does yank my tail once in a while.

Anyway i was posting last time about the simple life and Amish. Well then i found this pattern. Its an Amish puzzle ball. It was really fast to make and only took me an afternoon. Pattern here.

Rue loves it. Shoved it straight in his mouth lol Basically all you do is cut 12 of the outer shape and 24 of the inner. Then sew two inner to one outer, stuff it with stuffing then sew them together. Simple.

photo (2)