Amish Puzzle ball

I was almost angry at BD this week. He sold one of his cars and told me he bought a PS4 and a heap of games with the money then he was going to get a huge speaker system and install them in our bedroom…i was 90% sure he was joking but he just never cracks so its sooo hard to tell. He kept insisting that he was getting the speakers and that i had to be home to accept his PS4 delivery. Still pritty sure he was joking. He kept the ruse going a whole week until he said to come outside and help him carry the speakers in. And he turned up in a new car! Turns out he had sold one car and traded the other and gotten himself a safer car for us to travel in. He is such a sweet heart! I dont know about cars but its a pritty shade of blue and us a vrs? Lots of power so a great hoon car for him but also safer than his last two cars which were old and not great for long distances. Such a good man i have 😛 Even if he does yank my tail once in a while.

Anyway i was posting last time about the simple life and Amish. Well then i found this pattern. Its an Amish puzzle ball. It was really fast to make and only took me an afternoon. Pattern here.

Rue loves it. Shoved it straight in his mouth lol Basically all you do is cut 12 of the outer shape and 24 of the inner. Then sew two inner to one outer, stuff it with stuffing then sew them together. Simple.

photo (2)


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