Craving the beach

The plan was to go up to Queensland to visit my mum in January (hi mum). But frankly im not sure how we can swing it. The easiest method would be flying but this involves a $900 price tag and we would have to lug the pram and car seat on with us. Its a 1.5hr flight then a 1.5hr drive to mums. The second option would be to drive up but that would be a 15hr drive not including rest breaks! I really dont think Rue will go for this at his age. He is great in the car but we have only ever driven one hour when he just sleeps. We are doing a trip to sydney in a few weeks which will be a 4hr drive so i guess it could be a test. The plan for that is to go in his nap time then when he wakes up ill jump in the back with him to amuse him.

Then another option came to me. Train! I love trains, they are so quaint. I have never actually been on a train besides scenic ones on holidays. But i imagine they would still be quaint. It would save us driving and we can get up and walk around with Rue. Only when i looked it up its not only the same price as flying but we would have to change trains half way and it still takes 14hrs! Why on earth would i do that when i could fly for the same price???

So now i need to find $900. I dont even have $100 lol it would be great though, she has a heated pool and the beach is just down the road…and she would cook for me lol The only other option i have is to try and get enough Qantas points to cover part of the airfair. I would need 8000 to cover one leg for one person. So 32,000 for the whole trip for both of us. Sounds out of reach doesnt it? Well mum and her husband have just done exactly this for their trip to Canberra in January. The trick is to look out for special offers, Qantas often sends out things like, get home delivery and get 2000 points (with the Everyday rewards card from Woolies). Or get 150points in a month and we will give you a bonus 500. Right now i have 600 points mostly from grocery shopping. Not quite 32,000 lol So now im on the look out for those special offers.


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