As im trying to save for a house deposit at the moment i have been evaluating what i spend my money on. Right now, my biggest expenses are food and electricity (well BD pays electricity but i consider it a big household cost). So i have only been using the dryer if its nessesary ie if there is washing and its raining and i need to do more washing. But the other one is food. I generally do a big shop on payday of about $200-$300. $100 of that is formula and nappies so its not a cost i can cut back on. But after this shop i find that i still have to go to the shop a few times before next payday to get dinners which is another $200 odd. So this week im trialing a new method. Yesterday i did a semi shop, formula, basics that we were out of and two roasts for dinner. Why roasts? Well BD has added chicken to his list of foods he is sick of. This now makes it mince, chicken, sausages, rice, pasta. Steak, pork and roasts are really all i have left. As Rue is now eating i need to pick up fresh fruit and veg on a regular basis so i thought rather than one big shop i would try just getting 2-3 days worth of meat and dinners at a time. We will see how it goes. Im hoping it not only saves money but encourages me to eat more fresh food.
I actually picked up a few baby food pouches because rue doesnt seem to be liking what i make him. He loves apple and banana but he needs veg too. He loves the sweet vegie one to the point that he was actually opening his mouth for more were as usually i have to trick him into opening up. So im trying a few of the combos they do myself at home. Tonight for dinner he has apple, banana and pear puree. Lets see how it goes 🙂



4 thoughts on “Groceries

  1. Isn’t is so fun to introduce solids to babies? I’m looking forward to giving my baby solids soon. I’ve decided to wait until after the holidays though. My family has food allergies so I don’t want baby girl to be fussy on Christmas.

  2. I am so behind on the solids! I started with the baby oatmeal cause I had some on hand for a friend- he seems to do well and then gave him a try of squash during Thanksgiving…other than that I haven’t tried anything else! Would love to make my own…are you freezing yours?

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