Work – early learning

Im still trying to negotiate a career change. Its not that i dont love being a librarian but i had envisioned working in a school where i could help kids with their work. That hasnt happened. So i think it might be time to gain a new skill and branch out. I love design so looked into Graphic design, as i love designing on the computer, but a Cert 4 is $2500 and i cant front that right now. Then a friend mentioned that she is a school teacher but also designs learning material on her website, it looks great.


Basically what i would like to do but lack the skills to know what makes good learning material. So, is it worth doing some sort of early learning course? The reason i havent done one before is they arent available online. You need to do several long placements which is too hard with my full time job and now a little one in tow. So i think until he goes to Phonics revision and assessment packet coverschool, thats out of the question. But that doesnt mean that i cant do some research myself. I can read books and search the web for information on early learning. I would like to design my own teaching tools for Rue but then i think that Casey has done the work for me so is it really necessary?? I already printed off a heap of coloring patterns and easter folding basket patterns etc before i left work. Might be time to start stocking it up a bit more.


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