Its cold in here

Canberra has been hit with a bit of a cold snap. It seems that each year summer gets shorter and shorter, but we are yet to have snow in winter, boooo! It has dawned on me however that Rue doesnt have warm clothes in his current size 00 or the size up 0. I stocked up on size 1 clothes which i got free off facebook which have alot of winter jackets in it but i hadn’t expected to need them quite so soon. Its currently 1pm and only 17 outside (63 for those in Fahrenheit). Its summer! It will get down to 8 over night too. He is currently in one of his two onesies with feet that he has in this size. I tried to get some boots on him. They are super cute blue elephants and super soft. But i found they were a little snug, when i looked inside i found they were only size 0-3months. Oh well, they looked cute while they were on.

jjjjjj djdjd

I may have to go shopping after pay day (Thursday) to get some warmer things for him. Maybe a jacket or two and some booties that fit. Not sure how long the cold snap will last but this week wont get over 26C (79F) which is warm but not warm for summer. He has beanies but they might also be too big as i anticipated him not needing them until May at least.

This week also was Rues first try at vegemite toast. I cant stand vegemite but i know its good for him so ill put up with it for Rue. He went from, whats this, to, EAT ALL THE TOAST!



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