6 month check

Rues 6 month checkup was today and he passed with flying colors. She commented that his development is actually in the 9month old range. He can sit up, talk (say mummy and dada) and he can almost crawl (get up but not move). She weighed him, he is still a little guy at 6.4kg (most 6month olds are in the 7.5kg range) but his height is still average and his head is still large lol. Gosh i cant believe how little he was.

SAM_0578 (2)

I was also considering having another soon until a friend pointed out that to get paid parental leave from the government again i need to work 1000hrs in the next 13months. That equates to 6.5months. I go back to work in april which means i have to wait until atleast April to start trying. How ever BD didnt look thrilled with the idea so it may be longer haha. My plan was that we are only planning on having 2 kids so having another one now gets the pregnancy and baby phases over and done with and we can focus on raising them. The other side of the argument is that i would like to own a house before we have another but as we arent even near that point i dont want to put off having another kid. I am after all 30 this year and fertility decreases by 50% when you turn 30. So i think at most we need to have another before early 2016.

My sisters wedding was recently. Everyone loved Rue in his tux, this is him with my dad.

photo 2 (2)


2 thoughts on “6 month check

  1. He is doing so well! We are thinking about when we will have our next bubba too. So exciting! I am the opposite though and want to stretch out the baby making years for as long as possible lol

  2. That’s great that he is doing so well. My son is struggling with his speech, but lately he seems to be making progress.

    Your little boy looks so dapper in that outfit – I bet he almost stole the show.

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