We have had an exciting week here. Rue learnt to sit himself up. Still working on the down part and often leads to his head smashing down on the floor. I have become super pillow mum, scooting over to stick his boomerang pillow behind him incase he falls. He is getting better though. Thankfully. Seems to have given up on crawling now that he can sit up, he was so close too! I think i might turn around one day and see him crawl. Such a clever boy.

photo 1 (7)jjj

We also have currently got a childcare drama. We went from no options to two. Yesterday we went to visit a family carer (childcare in ย their home) who was wonderful. Right down the road with a cute setup in the granny flat out the back of her house. But. Then we got a call to say Rue got a place in a Childcare center. Catch is he has to start in two weeks which is 4 weeks before i go back to work. I am viewing the center this afternoon. No idea what to do. Do we pay the deposit with the family carer to lock her in for when i go back to work, $200. Do i lock in the childcare which is a huge $800 payable NOW. Or do i say no to both in the hope we get another offer closer to April??? Childcare is in hot demand in Canberra. Rue has his name down at 8 places and all are full. The only way to get in is if someone leaves which they only have to give 2-4weeks notice so it will be very close to when i go back to work to find out if we get another place. The family daycare is more expensive but closer to home and the dates line up better. Decisions decisions and we have to decide pritty much either cob today or Monday at the latest.

Personally i prefer a center, more regulated and more staff to keep an eye on things. With a family daycare there is only one person so if they have to leave the room the babies are unsupervised. Then again starting a full month before i go back to work is a bit of a waste of money…I would only get him to do half days then part time until i go back to work but we still would have to pay the full cost. BD desnt really mind what we do, he doesnt know much about the whole care thing where as i used to work in childcare so have an idea about what is good. But the cost will come out of his pay so i feel like i need to do right by him too.



Plus side

Because im dreading going back to work i thought i would think of some positives:

1. The gym is a 3min walk from my work so i can work out without taking time away from Rue.

2. I work in a major shopping center so have access to any shop i want in my lunch break. Not to mention a full food court.

3. Free printing and photocopying. My work allows this as long as its minimal personal use and not business use.

4. I love stationary so splurged and got myself a Erin Condren Life planner. I personalised the cover to be a collage of Rue. Cant wait until it arrives.

5. Adult conversation. The only people i really talk to now are BD and my sister. A bit more varied conversation will be nice.

6. More money. Its not much more after childcare but its enough that i can start getting on top of things rather than just making ends meet.

My aim is to get my credit cards down and my savings up before we decide to have another bub. Maybe a year or so. Maternity leave gives you enough money for bills and thats about it so having savings is a big help but it does get diminished at an alarming rate due to wanting to buy cute things for Rue ๐Ÿ˜› All for this little man ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 1 (4)jj

Moving house

No im not moving, my sister has built her own home and can move in April. I would like to say im a bit of a master at this by now. I have moved home 12 times in 10 years. Yep, i have it down pact. So here is my guide to moving house.

Firstly should you hire a removalist or truck? I lived in an apartment up 8 flights of stairs with no lift. It was not practical or logical for me to move myself so i hired removealists who did it in 3hrs flat. Cost $300. Well worth it. Normally however i just get friends to help and hire a small box truck for about $100 a day.Store-and-More-movinghouse02

As soon as you decide to move:

  1. Go room to room and pull out anything you dont need. Remember, if you keep it you have to move it. Book in a garage sale for the next week and sell items on facebook etc if you dont want to donate everything. This will give you extra money for boxes and bubble wrap also.
  2. Prepare bags for donating. Cull your clothes. I normally get atleast one full bag and thats normally every year.
  3. I can normally halve my belongings in my pre-move decluttering. Remember if you keep it you have to move it.

A week before you move:

  1. Throw out out of date food or that bag of lentals you know you will never eat.
  2. Change your address with all the important places, bank, phone, medicare, car rego.
  3. Cancel your electricity and book for it to be connected at the new house. I get it connected the day before we are due to move in. Generally this day the house is free for cleaning anyway.
  4. Fill the car with petrol and clean it so you have room for boxes.
  5. Get boxes from work, behind supermarkets or our tip has a box cage you can dive into.
  6. Buy thick stickytape for closing boxes and a permanent marker.
  7. Locate alan keys and screw drivers. Buy more if necessary.
  8. Do all your washing.
  9. Pack things you dont use. Knicknack draw, most kitchen things, linnen.
  10. Clean. Anything that can be cleaned now will save you time later when you are tired after moving. Kitchen cabinets are the biggest job. And outside, mow the lawn etc.
  11. Eat your self out of the house. Eat all food in your fridge and freezer if possible to avoid it spoiling and so you dont have to move it. Avoid grocery shopping.

Day before:

  1. ย Bake cookies. This may seem like an odd thing but trust me you will want something to keep you going because we all know that once you stop for lunch you dont want to start again.
  2. Pack EVERYTHING. Seriously, my biggest recommendation is to make sure every single thing you own is in a box. Otherwise you will make 20 trips for those little odds and ends and moving will take twice as long.
  3. Use pillow cases and teatowels to pack dedicates like plates and cups. You need to pack them anyway so why create more rubbish by using newspaper?
  4. Label boxes carefully. Room and contents. Pack essentials in the same box so you can open that first when it comes time to unpack.
  5. If you have children make sure you pack a play box. This can include dvds and toys so that they are kept occupied while you are working.
  6. Pack the car with important items/ boxes the night before so that you know where they are and they dont get lost in the move.

Packing tip: Empty each room one at a time and move all boxes to a central place at the front of the house (lounge room is best). That way you know the room is empty and can be cleaned.

Day of move:

  1. Pack an esky with milk, tea, sugar, coffee, spoons and cups, the kettle and the cookies. You will thank me later.
  2. When dismantling beds use a ziplock bag for screws and the alan key used and tape it to the bed head or side.
  3. The first trip needs to be the biggest. You will get more tired as the day goes on so large furniture needs to go first.
  4. If you have many helpers assign one person to load the truck. This person stays in the truck and moves things around to fit which means everyone else just has to ferry items from the house to the truck.
  5. Leave a fitted sheet on mattresses to protect them from dust and dirt.
  6. Ensure the first person to get to the new house has toilet paper, the esky and some sponges and spray and wipe. I always give the kitchen and bathroom a wipe down as soon as i get there. Plug in the kettle and boil water.
  7. If you have the man power, leave one person at the old house to clean while you unpack the first load. This saves alot of time.
  8. Put each box in the room it belongs in. This will save you searching for items later if you dont get around to unpacking for a day or two.
  9. Plug in the fridge as soon as it arrives to allow it to start cooling.


  1. Before you even go back for the second load (or if you only need to do one load) Set up the bed and put clean sheets on it. There is no way you will feel like doing this at the end of the day and sleeping in your bed is so nice at the end of a long day.
  2. Unpack towels for showering and put away all food.
  3. If you have children set up the tv and get out the dvds you set aside. This will keep them out of your way.
  4. Order pizza.
  5. Try and unpack and clean everything in one day. Moving should not extend further than it needs too as it will only increase the stress of it.

If moving with babies:

Pack a nursery suitcase. You should be able to live out of this for two days. It should have, toys, formula, food, nappies, changes of clothes, wipes, bibs, blanket. This will allow you time to set the nursery back up without having to hunt around for things.

Good luck!

A friend

We had a visitor yesterday

photo 1 (6)

See it? No, how about now.

photo 2 (6)

Yep its a bloody big Huntsman. For those in other countries a huntsman is a very common spider in Australia. It isnt venomous, you wont feel well but it wont kill you. They are however bastards. They like to appear on screen doors so you have to reach past them to get inside, above toilet doors and you have to decide if you can hold it then they disappear and you you are left to wonder where the hell it went.

This one was above my sewing machine. I left it there until BD got up. I pointed it out, ‘Wow thats a big one’ he said validating my decision not to get near it. Im fine with small spiders which i just squash or spray but big ones creap me out. Squashing isnt an option because they will explode and make that crunching noise, shudder. Spraying is also not an option as its so big that it will gallop across the room at me then disappear leaving me to wonder if its dead or waiting for me in a corner somewhere. Huntsman you see, dont scurry, they gallop. They rise up and full on sprint across the room. And this ones fangs were HUGE, i didnt want it going anywhere. So my big strong man cought it in a chinese food container and for some odd reason put it on a shelf. Its still there, he refuses to get rid of it and im not touching it. I may have to throw a towel over it and throw it outside later, i hate walking past it. Ew, ew ew.

Let me tell you a story about my work

Its no secret that i have a deep hate of my job. I do infact have a deep hate of nearly every job i have ever had. The reason however may suprise you. Its not the job that i hate. Its the culture surrounding it.


In my current job i have been pulled up on my clothing about 4 times in 3 years. The first time was fair game as i was wearing jean shorts (3/4 length) as i previously worked in a university which didnt care what i wore. I now work in a government department so they were unacceptable. The second time i was told I couldnt wear high heels (i was wearing kitten heels, no higher than 1inch or so) because it was a OHS risk. Now i work for the library and 90% of the staff are female and you guessed it, wear high heels. Some MUCH higher than my kitten heels.

The third time i was pulled up was when it started getting unfair and bordered on bullying. I was pulled into a meeting with my manager and told that the director was not impressed with my outfit. I was asked to wear a cardigan or cover myself up some how. At the time it was casual friday and i was feeling really good about my outfit. I wore black flats, a knee length black business skirt and a green and black top with thick black straps. Hardly revealing. I was so upset i went out at lunch and bought a cardigan to pull over the top.

The fourth time i was just plan angry. I was again told that my outfits were too revealing and not appropriate for the office. Our building is secure and no public is aloud. I work in a team of 6, three of whom work on a different level. My area literally only has the three of us in it, as its the library the only people i see day to day are borrowing books and thats maybe once a day. This day i was wearing a tailored business dress. Not low cut, thick sleeves to the edge of my shoulders, not tight, came past my knees. I suggested i wear a burka. The thing that annoyed me more was that my coworker who did work in a larger team came to work in pants and a grubby tshirt everyday…no one said a word to her and my manager since then wears very low cut tops, 4inch heels and mini skirts so small you can often see her knickers, again no one pulled her aside.


I have a deep objection to my having no work but having to ‘look busy’. Or worse when they invent jobs for me that dont need doing in the first place. This is a total waste of my time. If i have finished my work, asked colleagues if they need help, ususally finished their work for them, and there is literally no work left, why can i not get on with my own projects? Surely its just as productive as cleaning sticky marks off the side of shelves. Unfortunately im cursed that i can use a computer really well, type really fast and am so good at learning that i often teach myself everyone elses job too and have literally run the library on my own for several days when the flu sweeps through. Im putting myself out of a job. I have tried working slower, leaving work for other days but then i get yelled at for leaving work. The biggest issue is that most of what i do is non deliverable, ie no one knows that i have done it. There is nothing to hand in, nothing to deliver. I fix things, reorganise things, create things that others later take credit for ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I actually wrote a full set of procedures for my job when i started after i realised no one else knew how to do it. Then two years later when i cycled back to that job they asked someone else to train me, on my own procedures, then when i pointed this out they told me that she had written the procedures not me when infact all she had done was save them to the intranet.


I am constantly told that people dont like my work because i dont put in the effort. The work they are referring to is not my own which i can do in my sleep, it is of course when they send me an email saying. can you put these figures in a chart with these headings, formatted like this. I do what they ask then get told that that isnt how they wanted it and i should have put more effort into creating a presentation…Im sorry but if you give me a set of instructions on how you want it done then thats how im doing it. If you say create a presentation with these figures then i will use my skills to do so. Some of my best work was when i was bored and decided to create projects on my own. People loved them, until they find out no one asked me to do it then they decide it cant be used because the proper protocol wasnt followed. In other words, it wasnt their idea. A good example of this was when my director drew me a picture with headings of what she wanted. I made it and sent it to her. She showed it to her boss who didnt like it so she blamed it on me and said that it wasnt what she had asked for, i still had her original sketch. It was exactily what she had asked for.

Are you starting to see why i hate my job. I am always told how impressive my resume is. Then they hire me and dont use any of my skills. So i sit around at home and try and work out how my skills can make me money without someone hovering over me telling me how to walk, talk and dress. So far everything i have come up with i am told im great at but i cant make alot of money at it. Writing stories, heck im darn good at selection criteria and everyone i write it for not only gets the job but gets praised for their selection criteria. Is that a career? lol

I love to design and work with my hands so my latest venture is to create sewing patterns. I can create a really fun pattern that i get total control over the creative process. Bliss. Im working on the first draft atm and i will post on here for free when im done in the hope you will try it and let me know how you go ๐Ÿ™‚ Help me find a job where my outfit isnt inappropriate and i dont have to be cheerful to idiots who earn three times as much as me yet cant work their email. Sigh.

Sensory play

Im always looking for activities to keep Rue occupied and happy. So i decided to do some art. At the risk of him eating the paint and making an unholy mess i took half a piece of paper and put it in a freezer bag with three globs of paint. Then i folded the bag over and taped it to his highchair tray. He loved it! I think he was more interested in the sound the bag made when he touched it but he did seem keen to smush the paint.

photo 4 (2)photo 5 (2)

After it was dry i cut it into a heart shape and wrote Rue loves daddy on it and gave it to BD for valentines day ๐Ÿ™‚

Harry potter and Mrs Weasley

Anyone else obsessed with Harry Potter. I go through phases where i cant get enough. Right now is one of them, im watching all the movies and even re reading some of the books. But i think what i love most is the Weasleys. I just love everything about them, their house was the ramsackle garden. All the kids, the fact that they are poor but still so loving and fun. Mrs Weasley often inspires me to clean the house or cook a better meal for my family.


I think what i love about this series are a few things. Firstly it really speaks to how i want to live, i love fireplaces, cooking, handmade. But i also love how this was a woman down on her luck who wrote a childrens book and is now a multi millionaire who i read makes $8 a minute! Being an author myself i often read the books and want to get back into my writing but i know that chances of me writing something so wonderful are slim. I got into the books after the hype over the fourth one, where people lined up for days to get it. I admit, after that i took the day off work when ever a new one came out. I went to kmart at 9am to get my copies, people would line up at book stores and wait hours, kmart had 2000 copies so i could just walk in and grab one lol. I wish i could go back and read them all for the first time again. And i cant wait until the new movie comes out next year, Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Apparently will be a three part series, whoo hoo!


I will of course be reading them to Rue when he is older. Maybe about 5yrs old for the first one then ill wait until he is older for the next as they get a bit ‘adult’ the further they go. Ill aim to finish them by the time he is maybe 12-14? Let him grow with the characters ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course he will be reading the books before he sees the movies. Because the books are way better ๐Ÿ™‚

Bucket hat

Childcare is getting real. Im so bummed i feel like i was given a baby for 9 months and then i have to give him back ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Im hoping that i can eventually go part time but it will depend on my work and in the past colleagues have been denied part time changes. So i have been sewing for my little man. First up was a bucket hat. I used Charlie + S pattern. The pieces worked well but the instructions leave something to be desired. I had made a similar reversable sailors hat for him before he was born so i knew the theory but these instructions had me stumped when it came to sewing the caps in palace. As you can see my first attempt failed, badly…

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)

My second attempt worked but im not a fan of how they attach the second cap. I think i will use the other method which means sewing two different hats then sewing them together and turning right way out. Much more straight forward. Unfortunatley its a little snug even though its the 6-12month size, but Rue does have a big head so i will make another in the next size up too.

photo 3 (2)

Other than that i love bucket hats. Was thinking of adding a chin strap incase its windy and maybe some air vents in the top so his head doesnt get too hot.

Where to next

I was thinking last night. Whats next for this world? When i was in primary school we got our first computer then a few years laterย we got a computer lab. It was really exciting but it was basically just Word. Then along came the internet. It was pritty hopeless at the start. I remember there was no google so you actually had to know the full address to get to a page. Then you had to know what an address bar was and it too 20mins to open a page. There was something called Wombat i remember that was like a search engine but it was hard to get to in the first place.

Then we got mobile phones. Back in the day you could make calls and there was a character limit to txts hence why txt short hand became popular, not to mention the fact that to change letters you had to press the key several times to sort through them. Being a librarian im very thankful for the computer as it meant that i didnt have to deal with card catalogues and we have a global network where we can pull records from anywhere rather than cataloguing each item ourselves.

So, whats next.

Firstly i think we are well over due for a better form of transportation. I mean cars got more comfortable but thats about it. Im thinking monorail with individual pods. Program in where you want to go and off it goes. No weirdo on the bus, no bus schedule, no traffic, no crashes.


Next, i think computers need to take a leap. All they have done is get faster and smaller. Im thinking Iron man, Screens projected where you want them and you control it with gestures.


Then i think schools need to take a step. Be more virtual and more self directed. Rather than sitting there with a teacher at the front, i think it should be more computer based with a teacher but each days work accessible so students can move ahead if they can. I also think we need a total overhaul of curriculum. I mean some of the things we learn have no basis for life. It should be more tailored to careers rather than general knowledge. I mean when i was at school we never learnt to write an essay or a report. I didnt learn that until Tafe and it was mostly self taught. History, we only learnt Australian history. What about world history?!?! Its a very narrow view and i think we need to think as humans rather than nationalities. I would have loved to learn about egyptian history, the Mayans, the Romans. then there is religion, some schools still teach religious education but only Catholic religion, why not the others? Why not theology to teach the idea of religion rather than the practice? I will personally be teaching Rue alot at home to give him a broad scope. I find that idea really fun ๐Ÿ˜› Im a nerd, i know lol


How about you? What do you think will change for our kids generation?

Convoy for Cancer families

Convoy for cancer families was on yesterday. Rues dad was driving in it so Rue and i set out, found a space and set up camp. He looked so cute sitting there waiting, patiently playing with his bug toy (best $7 i ever spent). We picked some flowers and he got very excited when the motor bikes came through.

m l

He watched them all go past. Then came the trucks. I wish i had brought some ear protection for him. I took a beanie thinking it would muffle the sound, which i assume it did as he wasnt bothered by it but the horns were making my head vibrate so after a while we retreated into the car and watched out the back window while Rue injoyed a rusk.


But you know what, we missed him! I kept watch the whole time for him, i knew his truck was white, he would either be driving the big one his work owns or his normal tipper. The convoy ended and i was super annoyed that i hadnt seen him. Looking back i did see his truck but i didnt realise it was him :/