Convoy for Cancer families

Convoy for cancer families was on yesterday. Rues dad was driving in it so Rue and i set out, found a space and set up camp. He looked so cute sitting there waiting, patiently playing with his bug toy (best $7 i ever spent). We picked some flowers and he got very excited when the motor bikes came through.

m l

He watched them all go past. Then came the trucks. I wish i had brought some ear protection for him. I took a beanie thinking it would muffle the sound, which i assume it did as he wasnt bothered by it but the horns were making my head vibrate so after a while we retreated into the car and watched out the back window while Rue injoyed a rusk.


But you know what, we missed him! I kept watch the whole time for him, i knew his truck was white, he would either be driving the big one his work owns or his normal tipper. The convoy ended and i was super annoyed that i hadnt seen him. Looking back i did see his truck but i didnt realise it was him :/



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