Where to next

I was thinking last night. Whats next for this world? When i was in primary school we got our first computer then a few years later we got a computer lab. It was really exciting but it was basically just Word. Then along came the internet. It was pritty hopeless at the start. I remember there was no google so you actually had to know the full address to get to a page. Then you had to know what an address bar was and it too 20mins to open a page. There was something called Wombat i remember that was like a search engine but it was hard to get to in the first place.

Then we got mobile phones. Back in the day you could make calls and there was a character limit to txts hence why txt short hand became popular, not to mention the fact that to change letters you had to press the key several times to sort through them. Being a librarian im very thankful for the computer as it meant that i didnt have to deal with card catalogues and we have a global network where we can pull records from anywhere rather than cataloguing each item ourselves.

So, whats next.

Firstly i think we are well over due for a better form of transportation. I mean cars got more comfortable but thats about it. Im thinking monorail with individual pods. Program in where you want to go and off it goes. No weirdo on the bus, no bus schedule, no traffic, no crashes.


Next, i think computers need to take a leap. All they have done is get faster and smaller. Im thinking Iron man, Screens projected where you want them and you control it with gestures.


Then i think schools need to take a step. Be more virtual and more self directed. Rather than sitting there with a teacher at the front, i think it should be more computer based with a teacher but each days work accessible so students can move ahead if they can. I also think we need a total overhaul of curriculum. I mean some of the things we learn have no basis for life. It should be more tailored to careers rather than general knowledge. I mean when i was at school we never learnt to write an essay or a report. I didnt learn that until Tafe and it was mostly self taught. History, we only learnt Australian history. What about world history?!?! Its a very narrow view and i think we need to think as humans rather than nationalities. I would have loved to learn about egyptian history, the Mayans, the Romans. then there is religion, some schools still teach religious education but only Catholic religion, why not the others? Why not theology to teach the idea of religion rather than the practice? I will personally be teaching Rue alot at home to give him a broad scope. I find that idea really fun 😛 Im a nerd, i know lol


How about you? What do you think will change for our kids generation?


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