Harry potter and Mrs Weasley

Anyone else obsessed with Harry Potter. I go through phases where i cant get enough. Right now is one of them, im watching all the movies and even re reading some of the books. But i think what i love most is the Weasleys. I just love everything about them, their house was the ramsackle garden. All the kids, the fact that they are poor but still so loving and fun. Mrs Weasley often inspires me to clean the house or cook a better meal for my family.


I think what i love about this series are a few things. Firstly it really speaks to how i want to live, i love fireplaces, cooking, handmade. But i also love how this was a woman down on her luck who wrote a childrens book and is now a multi millionaire who i read makes $8 a minute! Being an author myself i often read the books and want to get back into my writing but i know that chances of me writing something so wonderful are slim. I got into the books after the hype over the fourth one, where people lined up for days to get it. I admit, after that i took the day off work when ever a new one came out. I went to kmart at 9am to get my copies, people would line up at book stores and wait hours, kmart had 2000 copies so i could just walk in and grab one lol. I wish i could go back and read them all for the first time again. And i cant wait until the new movie comes out next year, Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Apparently will be a three part series, whoo hoo!


I will of course be reading them to Rue when he is older. Maybe about 5yrs old for the first one then ill wait until he is older for the next as they get a bit ‘adult’ the further they go. Ill aim to finish them by the time he is maybe 12-14? Let him grow with the characters šŸ™‚ And of course he will be reading the books before he sees the movies. Because the books are way better šŸ™‚


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