A friend

We had a visitor yesterday

photo 1 (6)

See it? No, how about now.

photo 2 (6)

Yep its a bloody big Huntsman. For those in other countries a huntsman is a very common spider in Australia. It isnt venomous, you wont feel well but it wont kill you. They are however bastards. They like to appear on screen doors so you have to reach past them to get inside, above toilet doors and you have to decide if you can hold it then they disappear and you you are left to wonder where the hell it went.

This one was above my sewing machine. I left it there until BD got up. I pointed it out, ‘Wow thats a big one’ he said validating my decision not to get near it. Im fine with small spiders which i just squash or spray but big ones creap me out. Squashing isnt an option because they will explode and make that crunching noise, shudder. Spraying is also not an option as its so big that it will gallop across the room at me then disappear leaving me to wonder if its dead or waiting for me in a corner somewhere. Huntsman you see, dont scurry, they gallop. They rise up and full on sprint across the room. And this ones fangs were HUGE, i didnt want it going anywhere. So my big strong man cought it in a chinese food container and for some odd reason put it on a shelf. Its still there, he refuses to get rid of it and im not touching it. I may have to throw a towel over it and throw it outside later, i hate walking past it. Ew, ew ew.


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