Moving house

No im not moving, my sister has built her own home and can move in April. I would like to say im a bit of a master at this by now. I have moved home 12 times in 10 years. Yep, i have it down pact. So here is my guide to moving house.

Firstly should you hire a removalist or truck? I lived in an apartment up 8 flights of stairs with no lift. It was not practical or logical for me to move myself so i hired removealists who did it in 3hrs flat. Cost $300. Well worth it. Normally however i just get friends to help and hire a small box truck for about $100 a day.Store-and-More-movinghouse02

As soon as you decide to move:

  1. Go room to room and pull out anything you dont need. Remember, if you keep it you have to move it. Book in a garage sale for the next week and sell items on facebook etc if you dont want to donate everything. This will give you extra money for boxes and bubble wrap also.
  2. Prepare bags for donating. Cull your clothes. I normally get atleast one full bag and thats normally every year.
  3. I can normally halve my belongings in my pre-move decluttering. Remember if you keep it you have to move it.

A week before you move:

  1. Throw out out of date food or that bag of lentals you know you will never eat.
  2. Change your address with all the important places, bank, phone, medicare, car rego.
  3. Cancel your electricity and book for it to be connected at the new house. I get it connected the day before we are due to move in. Generally this day the house is free for cleaning anyway.
  4. Fill the car with petrol and clean it so you have room for boxes.
  5. Get boxes from work, behind supermarkets or our tip has a box cage you can dive into.
  6. Buy thick stickytape for closing boxes and a permanent marker.
  7. Locate alan keys and screw drivers. Buy more if necessary.
  8. Do all your washing.
  9. Pack things you dont use. Knicknack draw, most kitchen things, linnen.
  10. Clean. Anything that can be cleaned now will save you time later when you are tired after moving. Kitchen cabinets are the biggest job. And outside, mow the lawn etc.
  11. Eat your self out of the house. Eat all food in your fridge and freezer if possible to avoid it spoiling and so you dont have to move it. Avoid grocery shopping.

Day before:

  1.  Bake cookies. This may seem like an odd thing but trust me you will want something to keep you going because we all know that once you stop for lunch you dont want to start again.
  2. Pack EVERYTHING. Seriously, my biggest recommendation is to make sure every single thing you own is in a box. Otherwise you will make 20 trips for those little odds and ends and moving will take twice as long.
  3. Use pillow cases and teatowels to pack dedicates like plates and cups. You need to pack them anyway so why create more rubbish by using newspaper?
  4. Label boxes carefully. Room and contents. Pack essentials in the same box so you can open that first when it comes time to unpack.
  5. If you have children make sure you pack a play box. This can include dvds and toys so that they are kept occupied while you are working.
  6. Pack the car with important items/ boxes the night before so that you know where they are and they dont get lost in the move.

Packing tip: Empty each room one at a time and move all boxes to a central place at the front of the house (lounge room is best). That way you know the room is empty and can be cleaned.

Day of move:

  1. Pack an esky with milk, tea, sugar, coffee, spoons and cups, the kettle and the cookies. You will thank me later.
  2. When dismantling beds use a ziplock bag for screws and the alan key used and tape it to the bed head or side.
  3. The first trip needs to be the biggest. You will get more tired as the day goes on so large furniture needs to go first.
  4. If you have many helpers assign one person to load the truck. This person stays in the truck and moves things around to fit which means everyone else just has to ferry items from the house to the truck.
  5. Leave a fitted sheet on mattresses to protect them from dust and dirt.
  6. Ensure the first person to get to the new house has toilet paper, the esky and some sponges and spray and wipe. I always give the kitchen and bathroom a wipe down as soon as i get there. Plug in the kettle and boil water.
  7. If you have the man power, leave one person at the old house to clean while you unpack the first load. This saves alot of time.
  8. Put each box in the room it belongs in. This will save you searching for items later if you dont get around to unpacking for a day or two.
  9. Plug in the fridge as soon as it arrives to allow it to start cooling.


  1. Before you even go back for the second load (or if you only need to do one load) Set up the bed and put clean sheets on it. There is no way you will feel like doing this at the end of the day and sleeping in your bed is so nice at the end of a long day.
  2. Unpack towels for showering and put away all food.
  3. If you have children set up the tv and get out the dvds you set aside. This will keep them out of your way.
  4. Order pizza.
  5. Try and unpack and clean everything in one day. Moving should not extend further than it needs too as it will only increase the stress of it.

If moving with babies:

Pack a nursery suitcase. You should be able to live out of this for two days. It should have, toys, formula, food, nappies, changes of clothes, wipes, bibs, blanket. This will allow you time to set the nursery back up without having to hunt around for things.

Good luck!


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