Plus side

Because im dreading going back to work i thought i would think of some positives:

1. The gym is a 3min walk from my work so i can work out without taking time away from Rue.

2. I work in a major shopping center so have access to any shop i want in my lunch break. Not to mention a full food court.

3. Free printing and photocopying. My work allows this as long as its minimal personal use and not business use.

4. I love stationary so splurged and got myself a Erin Condren Life planner. I personalised the cover to be a collage of Rue. Cant wait until it arrives.

5. Adult conversation. The only people i really talk to now are BD and my sister. A bit more varied conversation will be nice.

6. More money. Its not much more after childcare but its enough that i can start getting on top of things rather than just making ends meet.

My aim is to get my credit cards down and my savings up before we decide to have another bub. Maybe a year or so. Maternity leave gives you enough money for bills and thats about it so having savings is a big help but it does get diminished at an alarming rate due to wanting to buy cute things for Rue 😛 All for this little man 🙂

photo 1 (4)jj


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