We have had an exciting week here. Rue learnt to sit himself up. Still working on the down part and often leads to his head smashing down on the floor. I have become super pillow mum, scooting over to stick his boomerang pillow behind him incase he falls. He is getting better though. Thankfully. Seems to have given up on crawling now that he can sit up, he was so close too! I think i might turn around one day and see him crawl. Such a clever boy.

photo 1 (7)jjj

We also have currently got a childcare drama. We went from no options to two. Yesterday we went to visit a family carer (childcare in  their home) who was wonderful. Right down the road with a cute setup in the granny flat out the back of her house. But. Then we got a call to say Rue got a place in a Childcare center. Catch is he has to start in two weeks which is 4 weeks before i go back to work. I am viewing the center this afternoon. No idea what to do. Do we pay the deposit with the family carer to lock her in for when i go back to work, $200. Do i lock in the childcare which is a huge $800 payable NOW. Or do i say no to both in the hope we get another offer closer to April??? Childcare is in hot demand in Canberra. Rue has his name down at 8 places and all are full. The only way to get in is if someone leaves which they only have to give 2-4weeks notice so it will be very close to when i go back to work to find out if we get another place. The family daycare is more expensive but closer to home and the dates line up better. Decisions decisions and we have to decide pritty much either cob today or Monday at the latest.

Personally i prefer a center, more regulated and more staff to keep an eye on things. With a family daycare there is only one person so if they have to leave the room the babies are unsupervised. Then again starting a full month before i go back to work is a bit of a waste of money…I would only get him to do half days then part time until i go back to work but we still would have to pay the full cost. BD desnt really mind what we do, he doesnt know much about the whole care thing where as i used to work in childcare so have an idea about what is good. But the cost will come out of his pay so i feel like i need to do right by him too.



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