I decided that i want Rue to be bi lingual. I think that in this world where travel is so easy we need to know more than one language. In other coutries knowing English is almost mandatory in school. I myself am hopeless at languages. My brain just doesnt recognize anything but english. In primary school a lebanese friend taught us to read Arabic and i wish i had practiced because i of course cant do it anymore.

We had a few languages to chose from. Australia has a strong asian presence so Japanese or Chinese are very common languages. I also considered Arabic considering how prominent the middle east is at the moment. But in the end practicality won and i went with Turkish. Why? My sisters husband is Turkish so their child will be learning it and it just seemed like a good idea. They can teach each other and Uncle Onder is a live in teacher. Alot of people didnt think it was a good idea. Let him learn english first! was the most common objection. But frankly he will learn english everyday. We speak it, everyone we know speaks it. We dont have to teach it. Languages are so much easier to learn for children so for now, or in a few months when he actually starts talking, we will stick to simple words like hello, mum, dad. Then as he gets older we can start on sentences.

I got my crafty on and made some flash cards to stick up. It was super easy. I made them on Word. Just a 4 cell table. Entered my text, font size 20 i think. Found a border in google images and set it to ‘behind text’. Then copy and pasted it into the other cells so it would be the same size without fiddling with each one. I used an online translator to find the Turkish words then double checked them with my sister who is learning it herself, (and tell me how to pronounce them). The cute little pictures are also from google images. If you are worried about copyright, its fine for personal non commercial use.


Next step is to laminate them so that they last longer.


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