Im trying to bring down my grocery bill so i thought i would ask what you all have found to be the good cheap options. Here are a few i have found myself:

  • Pork is now the cheapest meat (besides beef mince which BD wont eat)
  • Mi goreng, asian noodles ($2 a pack of 5)
  • Pototoes. Great for making potato salad when things are tight.
  • Frozen peas and corn. (a staple in my household)
  • Whole chicken. I recently found that a whole chicken is $7 where as a woolies roast chicken is $13. And its so simple to make.

I would like to say that i shop at Aldi but most of Rue’s things come from Woolworths so i tend to go there to avoid shopping twice. I do however try and buy things on sale. I also always check what the saving is as it can often be less than $1 and its not really worth it for that.

My go to cheap dinner used to be Tuna bake. A bag of pasta $.99, jar of sauce $3, tin of tuna $3. But BD informed me this week that even though he ususally has second servings he doesnt actually like tuna…hmm.

My other tip is to check the sale catalogue on a Wednesday. Like this week a party pack of sausage rolls and party pies are $9 save $4.50, and dog food is $12 also save $4.50. If you like Up and Go, it goes on sale about once a month for about half price. In terms of my shopping it will get a little cheaper when Rue goes into care as BD pays childcare fees and our carer provides nappies and food so i wont have to use the grocery budget for them.

Aim next shop is to see if drumsticks are cheaper then chicken breasts….

Roast chicken: roastchicken_90247_16x9

Combine 2 tbls butter with 1tsp garlic, a squirt of lemon juice and some herbs and spices (i like paprika). Rub all over the chicken, inside the cavity and seporate the skin from the breast and rub on the breast too. Bake at 210c for 90mins covering with foil when the skin browns, about 45mins. Allow to rest out of the oven for 30mins then carve. Perfect!


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