I havent posted in a while because i got a new phone and havent set it up to get my pics off yet. So this will be a pic less post. Sorry.

There has been alot happening. My sister is pregnant YAY. She is about 18weeks. Im hoping for a girl so i can buy dresses but i have a feeling from her 12week scan that its a boy. I grabbed some girl clothes from a recent vinnies sale just incase. They were only $1 each so worth it for future babies even if she has a boy.

My grandmother passed away on Monday. She has been bed bound for several years and her mind went so it wasnt unexpected but she will be very sadly missed. I like to think she recognized that she had a great grandchild and another on the way, Rue got to meet her a few times so i am happy she got to see him before she passed. It gives my granddad something to look forward too, having more great grandchildren to build cubby houses for.

Rue is crawling! I had to do some hurried baby proofing and a big clean up as he is into everything. Its a challenge keeping him in the loungeroom and not escaping to the rest of the house. He likes the dogs bowls, power cables and pushes on the front screen door which doesnt latch properly so we have to keep a close watch on him. He has also dropped down to two naps a day which makes it more exhausting. He is also all over the place with his moods. I think its teething but no teeth have come through yet so i cant be sure.

He starts babyschool (day care) in 2 weeks and i hate to say it but im looking forward to the break. I havent been away from him for more than an hour since he was born (he is 8months now) and although i adore him mummy needs some down time. I start work the following week so i think for those 3 days he is in care and im not at work ill try squeeze in a massage or something relaxing. He is doing two half days then a full day for his first week. He starts a week before i go back to work because i wanted to be close if he doesnt settle. If im at work and he freaks out i have to come all the way home. His carer is only up the road from our house so much easier to come get him from there. No idea how he will handle it. He is good with other people but i have usually been in the room so he might not like not knowing where i am. Its so upsetting to think that i wont be there if he crys and needs a cuddle but i know he will be in a safe and caring environment and i will eventually get used to it. Im going part time at work and having Fridays off so that i can spend more time with him while he is still a baby. I think that once he is 2yrs old we will look at changing to a childcare center rather than a family daycare and i might go full time. We will wait and see 🙂

My mum is flying in for the funeral tomorrow and staying until Saturday night so it will be good for Rue to get a play while she is here. Mum will be down a few times this year, for his birthday then for my sisters babys birth in August. Both within a month so a bit expensive but she tries to use qantas points for the flights where she can. We are trying to plan the babyshower for around Rues Birthday so that she can come. My sister will be 35weeks which is when i had my shower so hopefully it works out.

And thats whats been happening!


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