Erin Condren planner

I got my planner. Well i actually got it a while ago but i wanted to use it before i reviewed it.

Firstly i got the basic planner with the collage cover. I love the pics and i also left a IMG_0272few blank spaces just to break it up a little. I think i will use the month to view the most as i can clearly see bills coming up. But when i get to work i think week to view will be more helpful for meetings and day to day info.

I got a sticker pack with my planner which are the $ ones and birthday ones. I have bought a few sticker packs from etsy since i got it and have to say i have been dissapointed in the quality. The bill due ones are way too small and i have another pack i havent used yet that im not happy with either so i may stick to buying them from the shop now so i can see them before i buy them. It also came with a smaller calender book and a contacts book that i wont use as frankly how many calenders does one person need and my contacts are in my phone…



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