A story

Heres a little story i have to share.

Over the weekend my brother, sister and I and our partners got together for a bbq down by the lake. One thing led to another and the topic of zombies and how we would defend ourselves cropped up, as it does. My sister decided throwing knives were her weapon of choice. She used to go bushwalking with my grandad when she was younger and they would throw their hunting knives at trees to pass time over night. She was pritty good apparently.

My brothers girlfriend decided on a bat which she could swing wildly and cause alot of damage.

Although i love a bow and arrow its no good at close range and you have limited amo so i decided on a knife. You can cause alot of damage with a knife and people cant grab it off you like a bat.

This is where my brother piped up, that he was a rape whistle kinda guy. Lol. That’s my boy.

Are you nuts like my family?


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