Things i can do

I have found through my life i have said i cant do this or that iv tried and I just cant do it. Well a few of these things i can actually now do. Goes to show that if you keep trying one day it will just click.Eggs-Benedict-at-Metro-Bakery-Cafe

  1. Poached eggs. They never worked for me. I tried all the methods. Vinegar, little bags, swirling. But for some reason last year i tried them again at the insitance of my partner who wanted eggs Benedict. They worked. Easily, i did the whirlpool method where you swirl the water and slide the egg in. I think the trick is to crack the egg into a cup first and to not let the water boil, just small bubbles so it doesnt scatter the white.
  2. IMG_0271Knitting. My mother tried several times when i was a kid to teach me to knit and it just wouldnt stick. Then two years ago i decided to try again and taught myself off youtube. It worked! I knit several booties and a beanie. Pritty stoked with this one.
  3. Pull starting a lawn mower. You might think this one is odd but i have never been able to work a pull start. Not enough muscle i assumed. Turns out there is a trick to it. You have to pull it to its point before giving it a sharp tug. I always tried to do it from the start so it was slack then suddenly jerk when i hit the start point.

The one thing i still havent mastered is languages. My brain just cant process them.


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