Country Boy

Both of our families have farms. My Pops is a sheep farm and BD’s parents have a small hobby farm. That’s where we spent our easter weekend, fencing. I had thought i would be back at the house in town so wouldnt have to worry about Rue but turns out we were all out there. It was hard not being able to help because i had to hold Rue.


Then i realised i had the portacot in the boot of the car. So we had porta baby.


He loved it! He was so excited to be able to get down and play. The field was full of thistles so he couldn’t crawl around but he thought his play pen was the bees knees. Then we put a sheet over the top to keep the flys and sun out. His cousin was happy to provide baby amusement.



I got horribly sunburnt because of course we took the car without the sunscreen in it. I managed to keep Rue out of it for the most part thankfully so he was only a little pink on his cheeks. The next day our biggest problem was keeping warm. Autumn weather is so un predictable.


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