Back to work

hey long time no see! Thats because i havent had time to scratch myself now that im back at work. BD is on the road during the week so its just me and little man. He seems to be settling in well to his daycare. He was spooked the first week or two by the other little girls screaming, he is a quiet little boy. But now apparently he just screams back lol 

He crys when i leave him which is the hardest part but im assured he has a great time after a few cuddles. 

Work is actually giving me a break in my mummy duties which im finding quite nice. Down time i guess because my job is rather laid back and i have little work anyway. I have fridays off which was a great idea on my part. Really gives me that extra day before BD gets home to get laundry done and the house clean because when he is home i dont feel like doing any of that. 

The only reason im blogging today is because i remembered you can get a wordpress app so i can blog from my phone. Its so much easier! Especially because i can just use photos straight from my phone rather than emailing them to myself first. 

This was Rue this morning before work in the jumper his nan and pop got him. How much fun is it!  


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