Whats in my nappy/handbag

being a working mum now having two bags didnt seem practical especially as i would have to bring both incase rue needs something on the way too or from daycare. So i baught a new bag that would double as both. Cost me $50, im not into expensive bags. 


So whats in there. First i have this sweet little zip pouch for rues knick nacks. Rusks, dummy, bonjella and a thermometer although i didnt pack and panadol so the thermo isnt much use. I do also sometimes have a spoon in there too. 

Then i have Rues nappies and wipes in the inside pocket. I normally have 3 but i used one on the weekend and havent replaced it.

  Other random stuff includes bottle with water, formula dispencer, a onesie, toiletpaper (he had a runny nose and i couldnt find tissues), bubbles for emergency entertainment, a dirty spoon, an odd sock and a first aid kit.


Then we have my stuff. My Erin Condren planner, keys, headphones, purse, aesop handcream i got for my birthday, camera from our trip on Saturday, and an empty purse because i bought a new one today and thought rue might like to play with the old one (the smaller one).

   Other stuff includes a plastic fork, reciept and the sharpie for my planner that fell out.

You might think a few things are missing but i have them elsewhere. I pack food if we are going out. The pram has two toys and a waffle blanket. The car has a toy and a blanket as mornings are cold so i tuck him into his carseat. Car also usually has a jacket, beanie and a hat as well as some odd socks. I did have a thermus of water in there too but we used it last week so i need to top that up.


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