If i had the money

anyone else have a list of random items they want to buy but it always seems like a bit of a waste of money at the time. I totally have a running list going:

  1. A generator. Might never need it but when you do you will be glad you baught it. Rrp about $300-$600 for a basic one. Frankly our power went out a few weeks ago and i realised that more than anything we needed a working heater for Rue. It gets down below -10 in winter here so a heater is a must! Not to mention the recent storms causing power outages for days. Phone, fridge, hot water and food. A generator sounds like a good idea. 
  2. A jump start kit. When ever my battery is flat i always seem to be in the worst position to get another car to jumpstart me. This little beauty goes for $100-$200 and can be kept in your boot. Anywhere anytime.  No second car needed. 
  3. A new car. I love my little car but my bf insists i need a new one. Since he mentioned it i keep thinking and realising that he might be right. My car is only 9yrs old and has no major issues, but, the front shocks are bad from a huge pot hole, the clutch slips, the back footwell floods when it rains (no idea where its getting in) and things are sounding a bit clunky under the hood… Thinking of a secondhand Nissan Dualis. Nice little SUV. I can pick up a 2011 model for about $10,000.  
  4. Porta-cot. Ours cost $49 but one side wont lock anymore. We only go away maybe once every few months and just put that side against a wall. But really its not safe and we should get a new one. Im thinking about $100-$150. 
  5. Second carseat. If im in an accident or cant get home for what ever reason we have no way of getting rue home as no one else has a carseat. I found one online for $180 but havent had the money yet. This one is at the top of my spare money list atm. 
  6. New pram. There is nothing wrong with mine but it is a little bulky. I would love a nice sleek one. About $300. 
  7. Dining table. We dont use the dining room so there is no need to get a table but i would love a nice round one (bd informed me he hates round ones and im not aloud to get one).   

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