Speaking of money

i have been shocking this fortnight with money. I have spent way too much and cant even work out why. I guess im being hard on myself considering i have only had one pay now that im back at work but i had thought more of it would have gone onto the creditcard debt. My biggest issue is food. I always buy breakfast and lunch just because its easier now that i have very little time at home before or after work. I might need to adopt the budget envelope idea. Set aside a certain amount for food and put it in an envelope. Once its gone, thats it. 

BD was horrified when i told him groceries cost $300. Thats not including the smaller trips i do during the week so its possibly more like $400-$500. No idea where it all goes. Might have to get better at creating meals out of pantry ingredients. To be fair formula is $90 of that. Will be great when he is on normal milk so i can cut down the formula 🙂  this is considering the fridge is usially pritty empty too. I did do a big cook up sunday night, 5 portions of lasaguna, a pot if curried sausages and a tray of corn bread (which i discovered is basically cake with corn meal in it). But then i got pizza last night, my bad lol


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