i used to love making bread but at the moment it just wont work! Im blaming the cold house because the heater doesnt reach the kitchen. Im also blaming the oven which im prity sure has something wrong with the thermostat because things just dont cook right. I found a recipe for some no kneed bread. Looked great. Rose properly. Poped it it in the fridge as it said to do. Pulled a bit out to use, let it rise for 2 hrs…ah not rising. Maybe when i put it in the oven, ah no. Little hard nuggets. Also very salty. Failed. 

I have also recently failed at making pasta. Considering getting a food processer and seeing if that helps as i know countless people who make pasta and its not all hard and dry like mine no matter which recipe i use. BD doesnt believe me when i tell him i used to be a good cook, no really honey i used to bake and things actually worked! 


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