Erin Condren planner part 2

after having some time to use my planner i thought i would do another review. Alot of people have gone crazy with theirs and i homestly dont know how they see anything they have that much cluttering up each day. I like a more basic approach.

Couple of cute stickers and some bill stickers. The doodles are from a recent staff meeting. I generally use the monthly pages rather than the weekly ones. I just dont do enough in a day to use the dailies. I have added a few of my own touches. I ripped out one of the note pages, cut off the pritty part, laminated it and used a coil clip to re attach it. I just use a sharpie and eraser to write on it. Now i have a moveable notes bookmark. I also made a smaller one that sticks out the top like a page marker. Great for quickly finding the current week.

My other addition is a weight tracker page i got on etsy. It had the holes already punched which makes it alot more sturdy.


I have a heap of cute stickers but not nearly as many as some people. All up i like the planner but cant say i get alot of use out of it. For its pritty factor i would buy another one, but for the price of postage (about $20-$40) i hope they eventually get an Australian office! I also think they should capitalise on extra pages for their planners as there is a roaring trade on etsy but the only offering on the Erin Condren website are extra covers…



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