we have a busy birthday month coming up, rues two cousins have birthdays the weeks either side of his. Dont ask me how old they are, i think maybe 3 and 6? Or 4 and 6? Anyway, i have been busy ording things for Rues big bash online. I realised i only have 5weeks to go and thats not alot of time if you are ordering from America. 

My fave purchase were these cookie cutters from the Cookiecuttershop. Super excited to use them! They should arrive today. 

It will be a zoo/safari theme and his birthday invitations are also in the post. The image is from etsy and the cards are from vistaprint which had a half price sale so i got 50 for $12 (50 is the least you can get). Of course i only need about 5 but i decided the cost of cardboard and printing would come to more than $12 anyway. They are from Printablemiracles



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