i realised last week that i did alot of research on what to expect in their first year, but i have no idea what happens in Rues second year. I know they walk, talk a bit more…what else?!? After googling it a bit the thing that kept jumping out at me was that apparently at 12months you can stop bottles and formula. Its even recomended! I had no idea, i thought they had them until atleast 18months? But then when i thought about it it actually makes sense. Formula and bottles are meant to replace breastfeeding. Most babies start to wean off breastmilk at 12months so why would they still need a bottle? 

Rue has taken water from a sippy cup from about 6months but i do use formula to help him sleep. I thought i would have a go at putting cows milk in his cup. Well, he likes it but i wouldnt say he is anywhere near ready to stop the warm bottle. Next phase will be to give him cold formula 30mins before bed i think. Gradually get him off them 🙂

What did you find out that threw you for a loop? 


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